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Pure FPGA Market Data Solutions

Development Framework

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Key features include:

  • Algorithm within the Appliance
    • Sees Market Data within the appliance with only 200 nanosecond overhead
    • You receive normalized data and no pre-processing is required
    • FPGA cores are provided for consumption, processing and output of messages
    • No scheduling or latency issues, you have an FPGA dedicated to your needs
  • Normalised Information Flow
    • The same wire format is used within the FPGA core, thus speeding development and testing
    • Promotes development agility allowing reuse of code and algo’s into new markets and regions
    • As markets evolve, merge and change, the message format stay the same, protecting your code
  • Value Added Components
    • New cores will be added over time including Order Generation and FIX output
    • NovaSparks is committed to this platform as a unique value-add and will deliver an expanding library of cores over time
  • Security of Company IP
    • At no point does NovaSparks ever see your code
    • You control the information flow into the appliance and no vendor interaction is necessary if not required

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