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Pure FPGA Market Data Solutions

FPGA Feed Handlers

FPGA Data Feed Handlers

FPGA Data Feed Handlers

Latency does not need to be a curve. It can be a straight line to trading profits

NovaSparks Feed Handlers are currently deployed in major North American and European Derivatives and Equities markets. The Matrix Design provides a deterministic sub-microsecond processing time, across all message volumes and is immune to data rate spikes or the number of consumers.

Designed for time-sensitive trading strategies, the feed handlers are designed by NovaSparks from the ground up including the FPGA board, the firmware and the easy-to-deploy appliances in order to achieve the highest possible speed when processing and distributing real-time data.

Thanks to the FPGA Matrix architecture, combining data from multiple markets within the NovaSparks appliance avoids the need slow software data merging and ensures scalability and determinism. Arbitrage strategies looking into more than one market will immediately benefit from such a solution.

Key Points:

  • Eliminate Hundreds of Microseconds During Market Bursts
  • Fastest Feed Handlers commercially available
  • Engineered to Scale across markets and across consumers

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