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Pure FPGA Market Data Solutions

FPGA Order Book

Get the facts on the FPGA Order Book

Key features include:

  • Deterministic processing
    • Measurable latency for Order Book building
    • Overhead to build the order book is only 500 nanoseconds
    • Speed of book building is 100% constant, never increases and so is guaranteed
  • Normalised Output
    • Order book format delivered in an exchange agnostic standard message
    • Single output format allowing development teams to develop for one market and deploy for any other market easily
    • Use the same Normalised Output within the NovaSparks Development Framework (Link) for superfast algo trading
  • Control of the Market Data fire hose
    • Configurable distribution depth per instrument up to 10 levels
    • Easily filtering for Top of the Book only for superfast trading
    • Instrument filtering dedicated for each output interface
    • Latency tuning for each specific Algo / Quote Engine consumer

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