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Pure FPGA Market Data Solutions

NovaSparks Platform

NovaSparks Platform Overview

NovaSparks Platform Overview

Could the NovaSparks platform give you a trading edge? Yes if your trading strategy relies on high fill rates and fast cancellations.

Designed for time-sensitive trading strategies such as Market Making, Statistical Arbitrage or Algorithmic Trading, the NovaSparks platform utilises a unique FPGA Market Data Matrix architecture which has been engineered to unleash speed and enable trading firms to maximise the returns on their strategies.   The FPGA Market Data Matrix architecture offers deterministic nanosecond latencies,immune to data bursts and extensible across markets.

The NovaSparks Platform is not another ‘hardware accelerated’ CPU centric systems. With such systems, the FPGA is used as an off-load technology to the CPU. These hybrids systems remain heavily affected by the inherent bottlenecks of a traditional CPU centric architecture and scale only by sharing this CPU further.  Thus, performance will be degraded when data rates increase, when more feeds are being processed, or when more distribution interfaces are added.

On the contrary NovaSparks platform is a Pure FPGA platform where all the Market Data handling functions are performed in hardware, hence providing the lowest latency and highest determinism. There is no CPU, NIC card or TCP/IP stack to cross.

 Data Processing  NovaSparks
 A/B Feed Arbitrage  FPGA
 Parsing / FAST decoding  FPGA
 Instrument Filtering  FPGA
 Book Building/Management  FPGA
 Normalization  FPGA
 Distribution  FPGA
 Algo  FPGA or CPU

Key Points:

  • The NovaSparks platform is immune to data bursts and maintains sub-microsecond latencies irrespective of data rates.
  • A pure FPGA design eliminates the bottlenecks experienced in conventional software and hybrid FPGA systems.
  • The design converges line handling, order book building with management and data distribution functions and is engineered to scale across markets and consumers.

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