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Pure FPGA Market Data Solutions

Professional Services

Professional Services

Professional Services

Meet your latency goals, adopt the newest FPGA technologies and enter a new race. Not a race to zero, a race to 100% determinism.

Leverage the experience of NovaSparks engineers to maximize the power of FPGA architectures.

A specialist team of FPGA specialists based in Europe and America can deliver FPGA development consultancy, infrastructure tuning and programming troubleshooting support.  In order to maximize and leverage the NovaSparks Platform, NovaSparks engineers are able to provide specialist on-site and off-site support to your development teams whatever the need.

Implementing and maintaining a deterministic an ultra-low latency market data infrastructure requires a unique set of skills and capabilities.  NovaSparks professional engineers are trained to perform knowledge transfer to your team including the following subjects:

  • Effectively manage a NovaSparks appliance
  • Tune the speed and track latencies in and out of the solution
  • Linux and C tuning to maximize the performance of your software
  • Establish ‘best practice’ operational maintenance and upgrade processes

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